BarbecuedRat is a skilled Geometry Dash player who has currently beaten 60 demons.

The hardest demon that he has beaten is Supersonic.

He is currently working on beating Cataclysm by Ggb0y.

His worst fail ever was 97% on Supersonic.

His favourite levels (not made by him) are Axion by Mosertron, Breakthrough by Hinds, and Alive by Spu7nix.

Manix648 and Nasgubb are his favourite creators.

He is also a Team OneNation member, and a co-founder of the team.

He created part 6 in uNation.

He has a part in White Hot, the team's upcoming level.

He plays GD with a Razer Mamba Tournament Edition.

He also plays on mobile, but not as often due to RSI which he developed in his thumb.

He has many upcoming levels. A few are: Poison Temple (A purple Temple level, with the song Forsaken Neon by Dimrain47), Crimson Terror (an extreme demon that is hell-themed with the song Stalemate by KzX) and Armageddon (an industrial-themed demon with the song The Furious by DuoCore).

He is 15 and from Canada.

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