• Elektrix

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    August 25, 2017 by Elektrix

    once upon a time i died inside

    the end

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  • RiddleguyGO!


    May 15, 2017 by RiddleguyGO!

    If you want to host a creator contest, you can message me to host it here.

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  • Scientedfic

    Eehhhh, welcome to the 3rd edition of The Daily Exotic Butter again. Probably not so daily anymore, but whatever (reads in Bugs Bunny voice).

    • Chicago Cubs won the World Series! I'm actually a bit happy.
    • Elections are coming up! Who do you side with?
    • Scientedfic finally found Aftertale. He is also making a new AU called Partytale.

    • Megaman9 reviewed our level, and to say the least, he destroyed the level. In the bad sense.
    • Scientedfic wishes to be a reviewer of the collabs.
    • Many people are dishearted after seeing Megaman's review. However, I can tell that things could have gone WAY worse. Kimani could've reviewed it and called it trash. ZenthicAlpha... would've been a bit kinder. If Riot was still here, he would certainly trash it. But, point is, …

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  • Scientedfic

    Eeeehhh, another one??? Eehhh... whatever. Get your exotic butter today!

    Scientedfic just went through 3 tests in one biology period. Needless to say, it sucked.

    Krazyman50 can't pronounce Scientedfic's name right. He said:

    "Scientr... Scien... Cyan... Scien... trei... te... I give up."

    Ben Carson knows about OneNation! A politician spotted our team! Wow!

    Scientedfic made a new leaderboard, the one that is much more with OneNation than the other one.

    Zeyosh is apparently making LastStep with 2 other people only. Hm... shouldn't that just be a regular collab, not a OneNation collab?

    The next collab is confirmed to be A Strange Phantasm! Wait. I already said that, huh?

    Usermatt18 disgraced??? Nah.

    TrusTa shouts out to one of his best friends, Combine…

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  • Scientedfic

    The Daily Exotic Butter

    October 31, 2016 by Scientedfic

    EEEHHHH, welcome to the laugh meme and stuff.

    Here, I'm going to put up some stuff and all. Ye, laugh if you want, but whatever.

    The South Korean President is now in disgrace! She has been caught giving someone outside of her officials money in exchange for help. This may prove more devastating than Watergate. Stay tuned for more info.

    Scientedfic may be the oldest member in this group. Unless someone can prove that they are in college, he's the oldest.

    Election is coming near! It's great and all.

    White Hot is still going on, albeit at a VERY slow pace.

    The 5th collab might not be a demon, as proposed by Scientedfic.

    The 4th collab has been (most likely) confirmed to be A Strange Phantasm.

    Scientedfic is now revealing that he will make a face reve…

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  • Allonsy potter

    Blog Post

    September 5, 2016 by Allonsy potter


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