Garfield88 was a member of the Team OneNation until May 10, 2017.

Garfield88 is a Romanian Geometry Dash player that has his part in the 1N ultracollab White Hot. He has beaten 9 demons: The Lightning Road, The Nightmare, Impulse, Demon Mixed, Clubstep, Theory of Everything 2, X, xStep v2 and Platinum Adventure. His best works are his parts in the Scintilla, Aazure, Excalibration, White hot megacollabs. His best (long) uploaded level is Eighted, a easy Nine Circles level that was made a year ago. He has a improved building skill now...


  • X by TriAxis - 82%, 87%, 89%, 90%, 91%, 92%, 94%, 95% and a lot of other fails.
  • Impulse by MrCheeseTigrr - 98%.
  • Clubstep - 89%.
  • Theory of Everything 2 - 97%.


  • His favourite creator is G4lvatron.
  • He loves nerfing extreme demons. His grandest project is Bloodbath Easy, but his most liked level is "If Stalemate was L1".
  • He is GuitarHeroStyles' fan, this is why his icon is the same (collect 300 stars), but with different colors.
  • Garfield88 is a Steam (PC) player of Geometry Dash.
  • He used to have "The Ultimate Phase" texture pack by TheRealRider, but he has since changed it back to normal.
  • He is working on another Nine Circles level "Sinely Waves". It will be a Blue-Circles level, but chances are that it won't be released, because it's been "pending" for over 7 months.
  • Garfield88's best work was Discoland, a very detailed level. But this level was never released, because the game needed an update (2.01), and he hadn't a backup, so the level was gone.
  • His favourite (featured) extreme demons are Bloodbath, A Bizarre Phantasm and Deadlocked v3.
  • He is verifying Crimson Clutter Easy, a nerfed version of the infamous Crimson Clutter.
  • He was first to verify uNation using a practice mode bug, but this version was deleted an hour later after Psychomaniac14 verified it.
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