HollowEarth13, also known as Hollow, is an average Geometry Dash player and creator from Australia. He is a member of Team OneNation.

HollowEarth13 has completed 5 easy demons, including The Lightning Road, Demon Mixed and The Nightmare. He is currently working on other easy demons, such as Demon Forest. HollowEarth13 has also made several levels.

He is involved in uNation and White Hot, two megacollabs run by ZenthicYoshi.



  • Coincidentally, Hollow occupies part 8 in uNation and White Hot.
  • Hollow started playing Geometry Dash during the Update 1.7 phase, and has continued playing through three updates until today.
  • Hollow once had his stats removed.
    • Hollow, with his old stats, had over 1,000 stars. Now, he has approximately 800.
  • Hollow has basic knowledge in some programming and markup languages, including Python and HTML.