This page contains a list of the hardest OneNation levels in order. This list contains both official levels and also unofficial ones. The list is based on multiple people's opinions.

List moderators

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  • TomorrowX - List Owner
  • ChaoticGuy - List Moderator
  • Lukecraft2929 - List Moderator



  • Bold represents the level.
  • Italics represents if the level is published or not.
  • Underline indicates players records on the level.
  • Asterisks (*) indicate if the level is an upcoming level (the level is not finished and is still being built).
  • Italic Underline indicates if a player has completed the level.


1. White Hot* by ZenthicYoshi and more

2. Freezerburn* by ZenthicYoshi and more

3. uNation (Hacked), published by Psychomaniac14 (10% or more to qualify)

  •    BarbecuedRat (27%)
  •    Lukecraft2929 (19%)
  •    Elektrix (17%)
  •    TomorrowX (16%)

4. Revelation* by TomorrowX and more

5. Megaman (Unnerfed) (Cancelled)

  •    Hotball1 (78%)

6. uNation Redux* by ZenthicYoshi and more

7. LastStep* by ZenthicYoshi and more (7% or more to qualify)

8. Megaman by ZenthicYoshi and more, Verified and published by TomorrowX (20% or more to qualify)

  • TomorrowX (100%)
  • ElectroBlaze (22%)


This is Luke speaking on behalf of the entire team. We request that if you have a record to add, that you don't edit this page, but rather ask me, Tomorrow, Hollow, or ChaotiC through DM. Also if we ask for proof, don't complain, just show the proof. Thanks- Luke