RyanR678 (who goes by EndermanR169 on the Geometry Dash wikia), is an average player.


His greatest achievement was beating Hexagon Force v2.

He is now a full on member of Team OneNation, with parts in three collabs.

He is not a very good creator, but he is most known for his Robot Adventure levels, a series which mainly focuses on the robot form, which is normally accompanied by a wave in the boss battle. However, in Robot Adventure II, the boss was mainly the robot form. There has been a third one, but it has been cancelled. A rebirth is in the works.

He has 23 demons currently, with Hexagon Force v2 being his 20th.

He is a mobile player because his PC is slow.

He is 15 and from the USA.


  • He actually uses his index finger to tap the screen, unlike most players.
  • He has a habit of making demons with their left eyes stitched out.
  • He has OCD.
  • All 4 of his most recent demons were beaten in school.
  • He refers to his most recent achievements with a pun and a number on his kill list (eg. Siriusly, cut it out! Sirius is the 21st demon on my kill list!)