Sonic49 (old username Sonic4999) is a Geometry Dash player that started playing in 1.7 who is not that good due to him only getting serious during 1.9, and even then, he only got on a roll during 2.0 and the beginning of 2.1, and even then, after a little bit of 2.1, he stopped caring about Geometry Dash. Because of that, he has only beaten a few demons. He has the Lenny icon, the Mom Get The Camera ship, and the Eye wave. He was part of OneNation for his part in uNation, which he admits isn't that good. However, he has left to take a break from OneNation.


  • He remade his part in uNation unofficially to make BarbecuedRat happy, but deleted it as it still had copy and paste. He had another try at his remake of his part, but stopped playing Geometry Dash while making the level, making it questionable if Sonic will ever finish it.
  • He has a channel called Sonic4999 which is here. He has made a video about uNation, however, he posted a better version on the OneNation Youtube channel.
  • He has a harder time coming on the OneNation discord then most people, as his parents don't allow him to talk to strangers, which includes people he doesn't know in real life. Thus, he has to make sure they don't know he's on discord.
    • He has been caught a couple of times, however, he managed to get back on to discord a couple of days after.
  • He is one of the more contraversal people on Team 1N, due to having a history with Rogue, sometimes being immature, and sometimes accidently causing drama (on the discord).
  • He doesn't play GD as much anymore, however, he knows he will come back to it someday. He still makes collab parts for OneNation, though.


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