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Team staff and members

Leader: Trainiac

Founders: BarbecuedRat, Curshburger, Darkwrath32, SheikahGD

Administrators: ElectroBlaze, Scientedfic

Moderators: Sb 51, Sonic49, StampR

Other Members: ChaoticGuy, Elektrix, GDVisurient, Highjump, HollowEarth13, hotball1, Itsumi, Jac1236, Jweet4444, LuisLuigi26, MaLuckyDay, RyanR678, SerenadeZ, Sonar553, Steverman5555

Former Members: BarbecuedRat, Curshburger, Garfield88, GD Rogue, Hexhammer, Korr, LVgaming, Minh6969, NitroOfficial, Psychomaniac14, Spector GD, SwayVirus, SyaneX, TitaniumXYZ, XDRandy, Xwings4ever, YoshiCreator, ZenthicAnagramZ

Wikia staff

Bureaucrats: Zeyosh (ZenthicYoshi), 3litecandycrusher (Trainiac)

Administrators: Zeyosh, 3litecandycrusher, ElectroBlaze, HollowEarth13, Scientedfic, Sonic49

Team levels

Latest Activity

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