Xwings4ever is a Geometry Dash player and former member of Team OneNation. He prefers to go by the nickname "X," which is how he signs his more recent levels. As one of the original members of OneNation and the uNation collab, he became an administrator on the wiki upon its establishment. After remaining with the team for over a year, X resigned from the team on August 25, 2017.

Levels (#ShamelessSelfAdvertising)

With Team OneNation

In Development Stage:

  • Tartarus (ID to be determined) (collab leader)


  • Stereo Madness 2 (15248926)
  • Cant Get Past (15349158)
  • Icy Caverns (15890500)
  • The Lightning Bolt (16887602)
  • Cosmic (19866997)
  • The Rubiks Cube (23356634)


  • X plays on mobile with his left thumb, though he is attempting to migrate to Geometry Dash on Steam.
  • His least favorite official levels are Cant Let Go and Time Machine.
  • X has been playing for over a year, but got the Full Version of GD on Christmas Day, 2015; before that, he played the Lite Edition.
  • X completed his part in uNation within 20 minutes of seeing it was his turn.
  • Currently, the most attempts it took for him to complete an official level was 1,322 attempts to complete Electrodynamix. (He still hasn't attempted to get the coins.) This record is expected to be broken when he completes Clubstep, which is currently over 1,600 attempts.
  • Electrodynamix is also home to X's worst fail, at 98%.
  • Once Clubstep is completed, it will be his 3rd demon and he will have exactly 1,000 stars.
  • His favorite Geometry Dash YouTuber is Norcda Childa (mostly for the skits). His favorite non-GD YouTubers are TheDiamondMinecart, Thinknoodles, and ThnxCya (Minecraft YouTubers for the most part).
  • X personally believes that with all of the huge changes coming in Update 2.1 (not to mention the huge waiting period), it should be called Update 3.0 instead.